Is your business interested in defending the potential of the at-risk youth in our communities? Well, it doesn't get easier than this... Sponsor an upcoming event by emailing or call (815) 723-2227  

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Bob’s Discount Furniture Donation

Thank you to Bob's Discount Furniture for your gracious donation to one of our families who was in need of furniture due to uninsured property damage. We would also like to thank all of those who donated beds, bedding, blankets, and more for this family. Your help has not gone unnoticed!

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Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Spooky season is upon us! Decorate, paint, carve, create to support BBBS. It's easy... 1) Gather your friends, co-workers, or family to create the best pumpkin in town! 2) Submit a photo of your pumpkin to by October 7th. 3) Tell all your friends to vote for your pumpkin at from October 11th to October

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New Match: Rick & Edwin

Meet our newest match! Big Rick took Little Edwin to K1 Speed followed by a haircut for their first adventure together. The smile on Edwin's face says it all! We are incredibly proud to have Rick as a volunteer mentor in our program. Check out this article to learn more about Rick and what brought

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