The Big Brothers Big Sisters Mission is to help children reach their potential through one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth.


Big Brothers Big Sisters envisions a community where all children have access to mentors to support individual growth and development.


This will be the first of many messages you will see from members of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Will/Grundy Board. 
I currently hold the position of board chair so I was chosen to go first. 
I’ve been involved with BBBS as a board member for almost six years.  When asked to serve it was a no brainer for me to help out.  Over the last six years I’ve become well acquainted with what our staff and volunteer mentors do.  They truly change lives for the better on a daily basis. 
I’ve been a Joliet Police Officer for almost 20 years.  In that capacity I’ve seen (over and over again) what happens to kids who don’t have a positive role mode in their lives. 
I’ve seen too many kids from the neighborhoods I worked in early on in my career grow from troubled pre teens to ending up in prison.  I’ve also been to the scene of an alarming number of incidents where those kids who went down the wrong path have been the victims and perpetrators of violent crimes, including more murders than many of you might imagine. 
Sometimes when the dust settles after these incidents I ask myself if some of these tragedies could have been avoided if there was someone to show that child that there are other things to aspire to than joining a gang and going down that path.  I’m certain that in at least some cases that answer is yes. 
That’s one of many reasons why I support the work by the amazing staff and mentors at BBBS.  That’s why I’m making this post and asking my friends to consider becoming a big brother or sister, attend one of our fundraisers or support the mission of BBBS financially. 
You can make a difference!

Pat Schumacher
Thank you Karges Real Estate for being a toy drop off location for Big Brothers and Big Sisters !
Additionally Karges Real Estate will provide food and gifts for our kids Christmas party! AMAZING!!
This Saturday!!
Register at : www.bbbswillgrundy.org
Runners, walkers, volunteers!! Help out Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Will and Grundy Counties! 
11/18/17 9 am at the Joliet Autobahn. $30 pre- registration #35 day of the race.
Shirts, medals, and Pat Schumacher will be making his famous Bloody Mary's!!
Register at : www.bbbswillgrundy.org


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