We are beyond proud to share this success story with you! Here’s what Bill Meyer out of Morris, IL had to say:

Little Brother Zach and I were matched through BBBSWill/Grundy in 2003 when he was in 7th-grade. We instantly bonded over our fanatic love of fishing. Then as now, we’d fish near or far, in heat and horizontal rain, from shore, from a boat, from a kayak, for any fish, any time. I was there when Zach caught his 55-pound flathead catfish; he was there when I caught my 30-pounder. We were even featured in Outdoor Illinois magazine for our fishing adventures ( https://www2.illinois.gov/…/…/Documents/June07GarFishing.pdf )

Throughout this time, I have been honored to be involved in all the major events in Zach’s life. And this year, I retired after 35 years of teaching and to celebrate, Zach surprised me with a trip to Texas for alligator gar. We returned beat-up and bone-tired but successful. It was fantastic! Both of us caught 70-pounders, the biggest fish of our lives, and we totaled over 100 fish of 15 species.

Thank you for your efforts! Our match is a life-long BBBS success story.


Bill Meyer