Vote For Your Favorite Pumpkin 2021

Well voting got a late start, but its going strong now and with only a week left Pumpkin number 9, “The Old Man” has taken a large lead

over the Trash panda! Make sure you get your votes in now, so your favorite pumpkin can win!

Number: 1

Name: Bell-Gia Boutique

Theme: Boutique

Number: 2

Name: Monica & Rosie

Theme: Scarecrow

Number: 3

Name: Jason

Theme: Royal Restoration

Number: 4

Name: Abigail Zobrist

Theme: Carmel Apple

Number: 5

Name:  Alexia Clay

Theme: Here for the Boos!

Number: 6

Name: Doraly Vargas

Theme: Frighten

Number: 7

Name: Alie Kirch

Theme: Faceoff

Number: 8

Name: Beata Ollor

Theme: Haunted Gumball Machine

Number: 9

Name: Ted Brodeur

Theme: Old Man

Number: 10

Name: Stephanie Hook

Theme: Trash Panda

Number: 11

Name: Aubree & Stephanie

Theme: Pink Unicorn

Last Years Results Below

After all the counting has been completed and all investigations are wrapped up, we have a clear winner!

First Place:            The Dynamic Duo’s “Frida” pumpkin(9) 1783 Votes

Second Place:        Royal Restoration’s “The Pumpkin King” pumpkin (26) 1640 Votes

Third Place:           Mike, Pat, and Monica’s “Go Sox” pumpkin (34) 1280 Votes

Fourth Place:         Rachke Piping and Mechanical’s “Happier Days will be here again” pumpkin (19) 989 Votes

Fifth Place:             EZ Auto Sales “EZ” (1) 534 Votes

Thank you to everyone that voted, the real winner is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Will and Grundy Counties!   You helped us raise over                                                                                                                                 $8,500!!