Joe was a little in the program and is now a Lieutenant at the Joliet Police Department and a member of our board at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Here is what he had to say about being in the program and where he is today.
“I was a little in the BBBS program in the late 70’s. My father had passed away of cancer at the age of 46. Although I had numerous uncles to mentor me , my mother felt it would benefit me as a youth to have a positive male role model through the BBBS program. It was a great experience that I still have found memories that I recall to this day. My “Big” was named Ken. He made it a point to talk to me on the phone a few times a month. I have 3 older sisters, who have always been there for me, but it was reassuring that I had Ken to talk to about “guy stuff”. Ken would take me on several outings too, Mini Golf at the old Jefferson Street Mall, once to see the Harlem Globetrotters and to his family’s farm where I watched a calf be born…true story!! Ken was an accountant and would help me with my math homework as well, I still don’t care for math to this day. Ken taught me responsibility and to be accountable for my actions, something I exercise daily in my 20 plus years of Law Enforcement and my personal life. I feel the positive experiences I had with the BBBS program has made me a well adjusted adult, father and husband. I will always have a special place in my heart for BBBS. I look forward to the opportunity to “give back” to the organization as a board member and to continue giving boys and girls the great opportunities that BBBS provided to me. “